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Sofia Municipality

Urban Mobility Dept.

CLient Brief

The Urban Mobility Deptartment are working on their own bicycle rental service. They need to let citizens rent and use the bikes using their mobile phones.

Project Overview

Main Functionalities

  • Individual client profile
  • Map with all stations and availability
  • Unlock and lock bike in a station


  • Urban navigation for bikes
  • Usage statistics and suggestions
In collaboration with Antoaneta Yordanova, Hristo Andreev, and Milena Kitipova


Value Proposition

Commute Faster & Smarter! Save time. Find the fastest way. Be more flexible. Cycling is fun!

Our Vision for the Product

Easy to use, affordable and fun solution for navigating around the city.

Why Would People Use It?

  • to save time
  • to evade traffic jams
  • to be more flexible
  • to discover the city
  • to reduce carbon footprint and have fun!


City Experience-related

  • Make landmarks and places of interest more accessible


  • Augment the existing transportation network
  • Reduce traffic in the city center
  • Collect commute/traffic statistics

Social Responsibility-related

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle
  • Provide an affordable means of travel


  • Make it self-sustainable
  • Focus public attention to selected events or places


Local Residents

We are targeting local users - teenage to mid-aged active people, all genders, mid income range.

Tourists & Guests

We are targeting tourists and guests of the city - teenage to mid-aged active people, all genders, low to mid income range.

Tasks & Scenarios

Local Residents WOuld Be...

  • going to/back from work/school faster
  • doing errands in a more pleasing way
  • going to city parks to have fun with friends

Tourists & Guests would Be...

  • navigating to landmarks and POIs easily
  • exploring the city on a budget

Primary Persona


George Ivanov

28, Back-End Developer

I want to reach my office in less than 20 minutes. Having some light excercise on the way is a bonus...

Technical Ability

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Workstation

Frequency of Use

  • Intensive usage
  • Experienced user

Goals on the Product

  • To reach his office in less than 20 minutes during the rush hour
  • To spend time with his friends in the city parks


  • He values his time
  • Not fond of public transportation
  • Aims to optimize expenses
  • Enjoys physical activity

Pains & Frustrations

Wastes a lot of time in traffic jams.

Too sedentiary life-style for his liking.

Other Brands

  • Spark
  • Android
  • Ubuntu

Short Bio

George is from Sofia. He's been born in the city and he loves it much.  He'd like to see Sofia a greener and more friendly place to live in. He's recently graduated in Computer Science and now he's at his first job as a back-end developer.

He is into mountain biking and snowboarding. In his spare time he goes out with friends, watches movies and plays video games. He doesn’t like to drive around the city too often. Sometimes he uses the subway to save time.


Optimize my commute

As a user I want know the location and availability at nearest bike stations so I would be sure I could get one

As a user I want see other transportation options too so I could combine biking with other means of transport

As a user I want know where I can leave the bike near my destination so I wouldn’t waste time returning it


Evade traffic in the center

As a user I need to have different route suggestions so I could find the best way to reach my destination

As a user I want have an estimated time of arrival to help me manage my time better

As a user I want get traffic information (street closures, detours, etc.) so I can plan my ride better


Business Reqs


  • Collect payments through the most common tools
  • Ensure GDPR Compliance
  • Encourage short-term rentals
  • Encourage users' loyalty
  • Collect user behaviour data


  • Make it a self-supporting service
  • Provide publicity for municipal venues & events


  • Collect payments through SMS

User Reqs


  • Make secure payments
  • Maximum outdoor UI visibility
  • Affordability
  • Protect users from liability over damages
  • Minimize take-off time


  • Customizable route suggestions
  • Share experiences with friends

Technical Reqs


  • Android version
  • Use ID number to identify the bike
  • iOS version
  • Universal phone mount on the bike
  • Small shopping basket on the bike


  • Web version


  • Low data-transfer speeds (Edge, 3G)

Content Reqs


  • Bike stations location list
  • Multilanguage version
  • Pricing information
  • Cycling infrastructure information
  • Information about venues


  • Information about events


  • Weather information